With availability during days, evenings, and weekends, you’ll find it easy to fit private dance lessons into your schedule

Private dance lessons are the best way to go!
   1 - private lesson $85.00 ( 1 - 2 people, leader & follower)  
    5 - private lessons for only $390
    10 - private lessons for only $750
24-Hour Cancellation Policy
Please allow 24 hours’ notice when canceling a private lesson to avoid being charged. Thank you!
Private Lessons are the most efficient and effective way to learn partner dancing skills.
Here’s where you’ll learn the details on the technique, character, and styling of each dance. Also, since private dance lessons are customized to your individual style of learning, you’ll progress quickly.
      Unlike other forms of dance in which you are working with your body in time and space, partner dancing is complicated by that additional body - your partner's. This is what makes it so interesting and so challenging. Lead and follow skills are at the center of partner dancing, yet they are the most invisible and elusive skills to see and develop. Individual instruction early on from an experienced partner dancer makes all the difference when learning partner dancing.
Recommended frequency
It’s important for you to take lessons weekly & practice at least once a week to reach your goal.

We Come To You - Lessons in the Privacy of Your Home