Planning A Dance To Remember

Surprise and delight your family and friends with a fabulous first dance worthy of your special day!
No matter what your timeline or budget We have a wedding package that will suit your needs.
Keep it simple, and stay off of each other’s toes! Learn an easy entrance and exit as well as a selection of basic dance steps tailored to your needs
We'll have you dancing like a dream! Our instructors make your wedding dance experience fun and relaxed. In addition to teaching you dance steps, your instructor will offer helpful suggestions on how to make this part of your special day "stress free"!
The Crash Course
Learn a few simple steps to go with your favorite song that will look and feel great!
3 Private Lessons $240
The Wedding Express
Learn a variety of patterns to your favorite song; and make your special day beautiful and stress free! 5 Private Lessons $390.00
The Classic Wedding
Convey the warmth and love you have for each other with a personalized dance to your favorite song. Then add on an additional dance style for when the music picks up the pace (the party heats up).
10 Private Lessons $750.00
Additional Private Lessons
Add private lessons to you package to get a little final polishing for your first dance, or for your father/daughter, mother/son dances.
Rehearsal Dinner
A dance class is a fantastic way to entertain your guests and help them all get to know each other before the big day!
Choosing A Song
Maybe you have a song that is meaningful to you as a couple, but you aren’t sure it would work for a first dance. Or, maybe you just know that you want something classic or fun but don’t have a specific song in mind. Wherever you are at in your music selection process, our instructors are experienced at helping you select a song that will be the foundation of creating a first dance that is uniquely yours. Classic, Casual, whatever your style, we’ll help you make it happen on the dance floor!
Music Editing
Many songs have a beautiful beginning and ending, but you may not want to dance to the entire song, even most professional performances are only around 2 minutes long.

First Dance Songs -
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